18.12.23 Christmas at Henblas
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Summer is over & the busy wedding season has passed, but there is another kind of magic in the air that comes with this time of year…

At Henblas, the snow capped mountain views, open fire & sparkling chandeliers have us waiting in anticipation for our winter weddings…

From incorporating the festive season into your décor with the twinkling lights, your menu with heart warming dishes, and the bar with a festive tipple or two, there are many ways to embrace and compliment the magic of the winter season with your wedding celebrations!

Here’s 4 little reasons why we think winter weddings shouldn’t be overlooked…

Winter weddings can be more intimate -
Since many people prefer to have their weddings in the summer, winter weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate. This can create a cosy and romantic atmosphere and allow you and your guests to truly connect and enjoy the day.

Winter weddings can be more unique - 
The winter season invites a refreshing change from summer events, where you can incorporate seasonal elements into your wedding, such as a hot chocolate bar, a roaring fireplace, or a winter-themed colour scheme. This can make your wedding stand out and give it a special, one-of-a-kind feel.

Winter weddings can be more flexible -
In the winter, you have more flexibility when it comes to choosing a date and time for your wedding. As suppliers aren’t as busy during the winter season, you may be able to book your preferred venue and suppliers at short notice. This can make the planning process easier and allow you to have your dream wedding on your own terms.

Winter weddings can be more romantic -
Winter is a magical time of year, and a winter wedding can be incredibly romantic. From the twinkling lights and festive decorations to the snow-covered landscapes, a winter wedding can provide a stunning and unforgettable backdrop for your special day. Overall, there are many reasons to consider getting married in the winter, from the potential savings to the unique and romantic atmosphere.